Who we are

Edora is a children’s health education firm, focussed on delivering innovative educational solutions to commonly misunderstood and complex health issues. We partner with leading brands to deliver products that are child friendly and ease the burden on parents. Our first product, Menstrupedia: A Graphic Book is a book about periods for children. It teaches young girls everything they need to know about starting their first period, all through an engaging, fully illustrated story.

What customers say about Edora

“Brilliant. This book on periods will absolutely take the pressure off many families. Well done Edora”.

Brooke, Parramatta NSW

“Was looking for a trusted resource for my 10 yo and found Edora online. My daughter and I read this book together and she loved the illustrations. The book also made it easy for me to explain difficult things”.

Maria, Balcatta WA

“My husband and I read this before giving it to our daughter. We felt confident in guiding her through all chapters in the book” Everything’s explained very well".

Sophie, Kew VIC

“The Menstrupedia book made it so easy for me as a single father to have this difficult conversation with my young girl! My daughter feels much more prepared for her periods now. Thank you for this comprehensive and easy to read book Edora”.

Christopher, Nedlands WA

“My twin girls were terrified of getting their first period. I purchased this book online and it answered all my daughters questions through its engaging story and illustrations. Happy with my purchase and would recommend to all parents".

Amanda, Piara Waters WA

“So much good info about not just periods but also hygiene, healthy eating and calculating your next period. This book is all my daughter needed to understand everything about her periods".

Indira, Canning Vale WA

“A great resource for building a clear foundation on menstrual health. Both my daughters have read this book and feel confident in understanding the science behind their periods as well as how to manage them each month. Would highly recommend to all parents".

Kathryn, Bentleigh East VIC

“Great read. The book kept my daughter engaged throughout and explained things clearly and simply. Written very well with young girls in mind. I would highly recommend to all parents”.

Alex, Murdoch WA

"Well written and covers all the essentials. The quick notes on when to see a doctor throughout the book are very useful and important too".

Matthew, Westmead NSW

"A very detailed but fun and easy read. My daughter read the whole book in one go! Very happy with the way this difficult topic is explained to children in the book”.

Priya, Harris Park WA

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