Edora was established with an eye toward developing and sharing innovative educational tools that enable parents to prioritise the health education of their children with ease. It was envisioned as something of an experimental project - a digital space displaying our collaborations with health professionals, parents and medical experts, a space where we would work toward pushing the boundaries of how children’s health education is presented and disseminated.

Our purpose is to facilitate original and meaningful conversations around the most commonly misunderstood health and medical issues that young children encounter as they grow older.

The firm’s commitment to producing relatable, reliable and relevant content, furthered through its creative engagement with health professionals and young educational startups, is one of the numerous ways it distinguishes itself.

Edora is currently focussed on its partnership with Menstrupedia Technologies to launch its flagship product, the Menstrupedia Graphic Book in Australia. The illustrated children's book on periods explains everything a young girl wants to, and needs to know before starting her first period.


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